Why does my blood test show that I'm still reacting to gluten?

I have been following a gluten free diet for 8 months, but my recent blood tests show that I'm still reacting to gluten. I have "Anti-Deam glia IgG of 12, but all the other test results are normal. What could be the reason? I only eat gluten free food, avoid "may contain traces of" products and prepare all the food myself. It's impossible to get every product with the glutenfri symbol at the supermarket. The companies I have contacted to find out more about their (gluten free) products (maizena -Unilever, potetmel-Hoff, etc) either don't respond or give an ambiguous/non-committal response. I'm starting to get paranoid about anything I eat. Could there be another explanation for the blood test results?

Trond svarer

Eight month of GFD and the only reminisce of your coeliac disease is a slightly elevated IgG-deamidated gliadin serum titre. This is not because you have some gluten ingestion; this is normal, almost very good. Your immune system has memory, and in particularly the IgG production will stay elevated for some time (similar to a vaccine response). Your ATG-IgA is normalized, which is very good in only eight-month time. So you are doing great..

Many newly diagnosed adult coeliac patient use several years to become clinical healthy (and even longer time to have mucosal healing), so be patient, you are doing great and as far as I can judge, you are totally gluten free. 

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